Dating bandmates

And how you are now a witness to our weird, dysfunctional-family dynamic. We were secretly hoping to keep those types of moments to a minimum and only expose you to that sort of thing at, say, family holiday parties. Or if the show is way across town and your only ride is with the band.

5 Examples of Why Dating Bandmates Is Bad for Romance, Good for Songs

If you are attending a sound check as an event, turn back now. Do not expect to go on tour. But the thing is, there are already too many people in the van. It makes some people uncomfortable and it changes the group dynamic that we rely on to play shows. Think about this for a minute: If your SO is in a band that has a tour bus, roadies, catered meals, and stays in five-star hotels, then you should definitely go on tour. Do not, under any circumstances, except for certain circumstances, discourage your partner from being in their band. We all need a passion and an opportunity to indulge in it.

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When your special friend gets to do the positive things he or she wants to do, this benefits you because now you are involved with a happier, more receptive person, which makes for a better relationship. If that person does cheat on you on the road, then guess what? Showing 1- 7 of 7. Switch to the mobile version of this page. We are still involved professionally and I think we're both pretty committed to making that work for the time being.

But he's hot and cold. I can't seem to let go of some hope that I have for the future with him. How do I handle myself?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What do I do to take away his negative image of me and restart? It's hard to really play the "hard-to-get" game when you're involved with someone professionally, and if I quit playing with this band and find another one to join then I might not see him for a very long time. I don't know what to do!

But if you love the band, you must stick with it and learn self-control. The drummer is attracted to you but he doesn't want to be your boyfriend. That means you can't sleep with him. This is like any other failed office romance. You must set boundaries and maintain them. You must keep your distance as much as you can until it starts to feel platonic again.

I know that's not what you want to hear, but it's the truth. If you're stressed and sad about all of this, write a song.


Cover your favorite break-up song. The energy that comes with this kind of passionate breakup It spawns the best music. It was frustrating, but I had a pretty good guess that continuing with the band would have resulted in further tensions…and we were already ending in a pretty bad place.

Surprising Band Members Who Dated | MadameNoire

In fact, I briefly connected with a few of the bandmates some years later. Seems the singer cheated on the keyboardist within a year of my quitting, resulting in their demise anyway. So I would have suffered as a poor college graduate, fighting for a band that was doomed anyway, right? What about the guitarist who replaced me? Did he have an issue with two people in the band dating? Would I have a problem joining a band knowing some of the members were dating?

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