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We see it all the time. Guys start getting "analysis paralysis". For the MOST part guys shouldn't be analyzing this deep.

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For a very small percentage of guys out there, they can properly segment the "analysis" and the "action". But again, for the most part - guy's cant do it. It fucks them up in-field. I feel like a newbie will read this and become intimidated and end up not taking action.

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The best way to learn is to fail and THEN analyze what you did wrong and make tweaks. This is not to discredit Everlong. My minds starts to over think. I'm trying to think of IOI, what to say next, and her. So now i try to keep this in the back of my head and focus more on HER.

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EVO I have started a blog on dating, game and lifestyle development: Cum join the discussion! I agree with Jude You are not to be focusing on the IOI's the whole time but on your conversation, these are just for you to know if you can escalate or approach. And thanks guys I know it is a lot to read but it will hopefully help some of you guys in escalation of the relationship. Jared "psych" lawrence gave an awesome talk on the different types of intrest this year at the 21 convention just go to the "under21convention" youtube page it's sick.

Originally Posted by Jude. People who focus on ANY of these "mechanics" are doing it wrong. The structure exists to help keep you on track if you are starting to feel lost. Many lads really benefit from this. Also, even Mystery says that three IOIs are enough to stop looking for them and move into something deeper. If you are going to talk shit about another person's method, the least you can do is make sure you understand what you are bashing. I don't mean to single you out, Raydar.

Nothing against you at all. But I have seen a lot of posts from guys saying that PUA X's method is rubbish, then immediately demonstrating that they don't really understand the process or the reason behind it. Maybe the age-old "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" policy is most appropriate here. Probably some of the most interesting, useful information that I have read for a long time - this deserves a sticky. Yo mang have you ever kissed a girl?

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If not then join http: Originally Posted by TonyMontana. Like you said these things are suppose to guide you. Unlike me i use to try to follow everything like a list and try to follow steps then you start to over think things. Well in reality life doesn't work like that and you have to wing it. I believe in IOI a lot of it is subconscious so girls don't notice their actually doing it. That's where you come in to take advantage of it.

Originally Posted by juliuscaesar. Thanks of the list! Then I feel like a fool for not persisting more. This needs to be in the guide section imo really good guide. Originally Posted by Rainbow Zumba. Originally Posted by maverick.

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Originally Posted by y Keeping this one alive guys! Direct and prolonged eye contact in some cultures is considered disrespectful or arrogant or has some other negative conotation; and often for people with autism it can actually be quite stressful to look someone in the eyes, even for people closer to the "lighter" edges of the autism spectrum that might appear mostly "normal".

My eyes are always dilated and I have really dark irises girls must think I'm interested in everything: IOI's are so natural. The key is acting upon them. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level. He Who Hesitates, Masturbates! A wise man learns from his own mistakes, yet a wiser man learns from others mistakes.

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Originally Posted by NotThatBad. Originally Posted by Thijs. I used to be really insecure about my appearance. Ok there's this girl I'm trying to figure out iois with if you want to help me please take a look at my therd in so there's this girl section anyways the mains iois you said to look for are the ones she's giving off as for touching she gives me a high five everytime I see her dose that count? Lol but like yesterday I went up to say bye im leaving and she started a five minute convoy with me I had to tell her I was leaving again so what do you guys think.

All times are GMT That's a good state of mind but also turns things into a numbers game. Mystery method, if I'm freely going to interpret the background behind the system. Is to play a perfect game every time, and that means having some kind of indicator och attraction so you can build comfort succefully. Beware of false IOIs from store clerks on commission. Store clerks are not necessarily hired guns. Hired Guns are hired specifically for their looks, store clerks could just happen to be cute.

Also, notice that women do this because it's their "game". They expect you to know this, and even sometimes if they're not experienced in flirting, which could happen they want you to give the same signals back. I'll add another one: If, out of the blue, one of your female friends introduces you to one friend of hers and ONLY ONE friend, she's probably trying to set her up with you or, at least, showing interest.

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  • Note that introducing you to a group of new people when you arrive or they arrive at some place is not the same than being with some girls for about an hour and then asking "btw sedditor, did I introduce you to my friend HB? I had to learn this the hard way but, believe me, it's an IOI. There are a lot of comments here about how they're not a solid sign that they're interested.

    This is why we refer to them as an indicator of interest, not proof of interest. As a result you should never see an IOI as hard proof that a woman is interested in you. You can see it as maybe being more likely or a sign that they're not un interested but never assume that because she touched you a smiled she wants sex.

    The latter of the two seemed absolutely keen and ticked every possible box from the above list from across the room glanced from the side and smiled, fingers through the hair, massive happy smiling, holding my gaze, looking me up and down and playfully screwing up her nose as a 'nice' not 'eww' etc etc then when I got there she literally turned her back to me and shrugged as a 'go away'.

    Here's a little list of IOIs; feel free to add. : seduction

    Its just not that simple. I under analyzed this a few weeks ago.. The list is woefully inadequate! Where is "She bends over, flops out her tits, and sucks your dick.

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      Idk But i he ever dates I wish its someone i know so u would double fangirl. Featured post from girl friends to best friends,real quick joonie. admin