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The Board oversees all matters relating to applications for admission, character and fitness, testing accommodations, temporary permits to practice, and legal intern permits. Applications should be submitted to the Board at the address listed to the left. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant.

Kansas Character and Fitness Every applicant for admission, regardless as to the type of license, must undergo a complete character and fitness investigation. Character and fitness qualifications for admission to the Kansas bar are set out in Supreme Court Rule As part of every character and fitness investigation, all applicants for admission are required to submit a completed Kansas fingerprint packet with their application.

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Every applicant's completed fingerprint card will be submitted to the Kansas Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations for a complete background check. Fingerprint packets are available through the Board of Law Examiners. Applications received without a completed fingerprint packet will not be accepted.

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Applicants for Admission to the Bar by Written Examination Rule Applicants seeking admission by written examination should complete the application and submit the completed application and all required documentation to the Board of Law Examiners for consideration. The deadlines for submitting timely filed applications are October 1st for a February examination and March 1st for a July examination. Filing fees for applications are listed in Supreme Court Rule The late deadlines for applications are November 1st for a February examination and April 1st for a July examination.

All applicants who wish to complete the essay portion of the examination with the use of a laptop, should indicate so on the application. No political subdivision shall establish, mandate, or otherwise require an employer to provide to an employee:. The provisions of this subsection shall not preempt any state law or local minimum wage ordinance requirements in effect on August 28, This law preempts action by Kansas City to require an increase in the minimum wage beyond that established by the State of Missouri.

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An election had been called for November 3, , to allow voters to consider adopting an ordinance proposed by a committee of petitioners. Because of that unconstitutional inconsistency Jackson County Presiding Judge Justine Del Muro ordered the question removed from the November 3 ballot.

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This ordinance would have also established a new minimum wage within Kansas City. This ordinance never took effect because a different committee of petitioners submitted a referendum petition that postponed the effect date of Ordinance until an election was held and the ordinance was passed by the voters. Now that House Bill is in effect, Ordinance will never become effective for the same reasons the Jackson County Circuit Court ordered the proposed initiative petition ordinance off the ballot.

Several thousand people signed a petition seeking to put a higher minimum wage into effect in Kansas City. Several thousand people signed a petition seeking to prevent any new higher minimum wage from being enacted in Kansas City. How then, could the City of St.

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Louis pass a local minimum wage ordinance and not be preempted by House Bill ? Louis Board of Alderman passed a local minimum wage ordinance on August 28, House Bill included this language:.

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By passing the ordinance on August 28, , as an emergency ordinance within the Charter of the City of St. Louis, the ordinance was effective on August 25, , and may fall within the exception inserted in House Bill The Kansas City ordinances could not be effective on or before August 28, , because of the need for an initiative election in November and the need for an election because of the referendum on Ordinance Louis ordinance has been challenged and is now in litigation.

A hearing is scheduled on the St. Louis ordinance on October 6, , in the St.

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Louis City Circuit Court. The ordinance was most recently discussed at the Aug. If the notice of referendum is certified as valid, the petitioners will have until August 25 to submit final petitions. The election authorities will then review the petitions and if sufficient signatures are gathered, the ordinance will not go into effect until an election is held where the voters of Kansas City will decide whether to establish the new minimum wage. To qualify under this exemption the employer must hold a valid certificate issued annually by the Director of the Missouri Department of Labor pertaining to exemption of seasonal employees;.

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For purposes of this subsection, the employer shall include the principal stockholder of a family corporation;.

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