Iranian dating culture

I thought Iranian women did the same thing from your comment. I've never personally known any women who reject someone they want to date, so I'd take the answer at face value if you want to ask an Iranian woman out. Best of luck to you. All of these things are really dependent on the person. Some people want to be with someone from the same country as them.

The best way to approach dating anyone of any race is to recognize individuals as individuals. I would feel very uncomfortable dating someone who has already made judgments about my personality, style, and values, based on nothing but my country of origin. That mean was what I wanted to determine.

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I have dound it is important to know who you are dealing with as women and men from diffwrent cultures often have nuances and different expectations that are important to understand, obviously adjusting dor their personal preference. Iranians living outside Iran are pretty secular and liberal. They definitely do date non-Iranian men. In fact, I'd say that's probably the norm.

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Out of the dozens of Iranian-American friends I have, I think there are only a handful who have ever even dated an Iranian. Maybe the best analogy would be Jewish people. Iranian girls probably won't want to date a guy or take him home to their parents unless he's educated and has a decent job. Other than that, they're pretty much like any other type of girl.

Some can be snobby, but I guess that's the case with any group of people. Are Iranian women more conservative? What I mean is they don't like men moving fast or they don't mind? Do they do the sex on first date thing or the wait a month thing?

An American-Iranian marriage

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Dust Flower Flame A documentary film about the life of Tahirih, a woman whose name is synonymous with women's rights and who was strangled to death by two clergymen. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? If you succeed, God bless you. I know very little of Farsi. I see that hard to get is an important aspect for dating Persian women.

Tips About Interracial Persian Dating

We have our share of good, bad, crazy, stupid, Things like that annoy me because they only add confusion. Also, is not knowing Farsi a deal breaker? Just be yourself and handle it like she was any other women. That is nice to know that Iranian women will give white man a chance! Was going to bring 10 cows, 50 goats and a fridge The downvote button is NOT a disagree button.

Don't be thrown off by the unusual. If you visit your girlfriend's grandparents in Kerman province in Iran, don't be surprised if they light a sweet-smelling herb in a metal dish. It's known as esfand, and it's considered good luck. Of course, not everything in Persian culture is formal and traditional. Going out for the evening can be as fun and free-flowing as in any Western culture. The simple truth is that like everyone else, Persians are adapting to modernity at their own pace and in their own way.

Just being aware of that fact should get you off to a good start. Colby Phillips' writing interests include culture and politics. Get to know Persion culture and customs.

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Meet Singles in your Area! Language Learn at least a few words of Farsi. Men and Women Show respect for gender customs. When Worlds Collide Be aware of common cultural misunderstandings. Etiquette Prepare yourself for unfamiliar etiquette. Keep an Open Mind Don't be thrown off by the unusual. The Old and the New Of course, not everything in Persian culture is formal and traditional.

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