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Kanye West Family 1. Kanye West Fashion 1. Kanye West Grammys 1. Kanye West News 2. Kanye West style 1. Karan Singh Grover 1. It's really good I recommend it, I'll put a like to it in the comments below. But I suck at drawing water so I don't know why I even bothered. One Step - Sejejak Langkah. It Ended today after 7 month and 20 chapter. Glad I got so many feedback. I'm Happy one step wattpad cover novel star vega cala teenfiction ocs.

I would love your feedback over on Wattpad guys, hope you enjoy! I thought he was a cool character, so I drew him. Hope you like it! Darkstar is KatHunter, not mine. Do you have or did you have a Bully?? Were you the bully?? This is a collage about me made in Digital Media class This doesn't look like me at all!!!!! The Evil Within Character: I loved this game so much and the horror aspect of it all was brilliant! A dragon I drew digitally with no refs save the jawline: I'm an avid reader on Wattpad and this was fanart that I created for a character in a book!

I recently got a wattpad account and am debating writing a fanfic I may get to embarrassed to actually write one ha but I don't know what kind of thing to include in my fic fandom, au, ships, etc. I won't write smut. She is my main character in my novel on Wattpad: This is Aki from one of my AUs. It's called Zombietale and her name in the AU is Leslie. This tablet is really testing my patience Small update post to announce that I finally made the jump to Wattpad and uploaded the prologue to my very first "book"!

Sethyr's Sirkus is finally a thing. Just uploaded two chapters of Zombietale on Wattpad! Go check em out. Today's been a mess lOL. I mean, when your best friend gives you an ultimatum doesn't that make you feel so special cover doodle vent edit bookcover wattpad wattpadcover ultimatum. A social network for artist and art enthusiasts. A community where you can improve your artistic skills, share your art, admire other artists and meet new friends.

View 0 more comments. Tags zombietale wattpad leslie. More from this artist. Welcome to PaigeeWorld A social network for artist and art enthusiasts. Signup for Paigee News! Keep up with the latest contests, featured art, and updates. admin